Executive Benefits

We bring knowledge and experience to help business owners develop compensation plans that are designed to attract and retain top talent while also incentivizing growth from within your organization. Many of our clients are business owners or partners who have built a team of executives who are integral to the continued success of the organization. We advise our clients on compensation strategies that help incentivize and retain those executives.

Our process includes working with your team of advisors to help design and fund executive benefit services pertain to situations including:

  • Buy/Sell Agreements- These agreements help facilitate the orderly continuation of a business for an unexpected event of future planned succession plan.

  • Key Person Insurance- Protecting the organization from the loss of key individuals who are vital to the success of the company.

  • Executive Deferred Compensation- As part of your team of advisors, we help in the planning, design and funding of plans to promote long term retention of key employees.

  • Business Succession Planning- Working with your team of advisors to design a long term succession plan to family members, key employees or third parties is a key component to a financial plan.  We take care to consider the options available and design a strategy that benefits the retirement of current owners and the successful continuation of the business to the next generation of owners.