HR Techology

hr technologyChapman and Chapman uses a consultative approach to guide clients to the right HR technology solutions.  Our process is to help you clarify your needs and wants by discussing the following questions.  Based on your responses, we will work with you to identify the solutions best suited for your organization:

  • What current challenges would your ideal HR technology solution resolve?
  • Do you have a budget for an HR technology solution?
  • Who is your current payroll vendor? Should the online system integrate with payroll?
  • Should the system have ACA reporting capabilities?
  • Should the system submit EDI feeds to carriers?
  • Are there any additional HR features the system should include, e.g., recruiting, HR onboarding, time and attendance tracking, PTO tracking, performance/talent management, payroll, total compensation/ real value statements, etc.?
  • Should the system integrate with your COBRA vendor?
  • Should the system offer a mobile app?
  • Should the system include a wizard/avatar to help employees with the enrollment decision-making process?
  • Should employees to be able to submit proof of eligibility documentation electronically?
  • Should the system show current enrollment information?
  • Should the system be available in any language other than English?
  • Is there a portion of your population without internet access who would need to complete paper applications?
  • When is your medical renewal date?
  • What lines of coverage do you currently offer or would you want to offer through the HR technology solution?

Chapman and Chapman may be hired on a consulting basis for a specific project or for ongoing broker and service. All of our fees are fully disclosed. To learn more about how Chapman and Chapman can help with your HR Technology needs, please call us at 440-287-7599 or e-mail

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