Empowering Your Employees to Live Well

Our Certified Corporate Wellness Specialists help employers develop strategic holistic wellness plans that produce measurable improvements – all while maintaining costs within budget guidelines. Let us guide your employees as they explore the various dimensions of self, environment and personal choices. Employee transformations can be achieved through a holistic approach, conscious choices, and a retraining of the mind and spirit. We deliver a message of empowerment and ownership that trickles down from employees to family members.

Preventable illnesses make up approximately 80% of the burden of illnesses and 90% of all healthcare costs.  More and more companies are responding by implementing corporate wellness programs and, as a result are realizing reduced injuries, healthcare costs and long-term disability claims.  They are also enjoying reduced absenteeism, higher productivity (presenteeism), and increased morale and loyalty.


We encourage physical activities that increase awareness by implementing challenges including, but not limited to, The Winter Meltdown, Holiday Weight Maintenance Challenge and Couch to 5K, as well as Chapman and Chapman partnering with Fitbit to provide exclusive pricing for clients. 


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle often starts in the kitchen. Through educational programs we help individuals understand the importance of a balanced diet and give them the tools to implement nutritional health into their daily lives. Our programs raise awareness by educating our participants on how to read food labels, eat proper portion sizes, avoid holiday weight gain, and tips on how to eat healthy in a hurry. 


While physical health encompasses the body, mind, and spirit, many people overlook the influence of personal finances on one's well-being.  Money affords people choices and opportunities. Without financial well-being, these opportunities can be limited, causing stress and unhealthy lifestyle choices. Financial wellness is not just about how much money one makes, but about financial attitude and behavior.  We encourage successful money management and savings plans that lead to better, healthier lives.


Being emotionally stable is a vital part of an individual's well-being. To many people, stress is a part of everyday life. However, stress is also a common denominator to several serious health issues. Our specialists educate participants about stress, the body's reaction to stressful situations, and incorporate ways to manage stress by introducing relaxation and breathing techniques.


The soul, mind, and emotions play an important role in an individual's health. By changing one's mindset, thoughts, words, feelings, and emotions – and the manner in which one absorbs or reacts to circumstances – changes are made in one's system. This, in turn, alters the individual's health and well-being. It can serve to positively impact workplace environments by fostering character development and an ethical workforce.