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Benefits Administration – Benefits Integration Group

As a member of NFP Benefits Partners, we have access to the most sophisticated tools and technology resources to keep you running at the speed business demands. With decision, implementation and ongoing support capabilities that include compliance and regulatory resources, employer communications, and benefits and HR administration solutions, we act as an extension of your HR department - giving you everything you need to administer comprehensive benefits efficiently and effectively.

The Benefits Integration Group provides employers with a subject matter expert in benefits administration systems. Specifically, we assist in the selection, implementation and ongoing support of benefits and human resources management technology. By working with us you have, in essence, your own technology department – without the effort and expense of running one.

While most competitors' service offerings consist mainly of a benefits enrollment tool, the Benefits Integration Group provides a comprehensive approach to reviewing your existing benefits and human resources administration processes. Our approach consists of:

  • Examining a client's current workflow(s)
  • Identifying areas of inefficiencies/redundancy
  • Recommending technology solutions, when appropriate, to streamline the process
  • Implementing and supporting the recommended system(s)

Benefits and human resources processes are not only complex, but the technologies employed to streamline those processes are constantly evolving. The Benefits Integration Group not only stays current on the latest technology but has the experience of working with multiple vendors. We have the expertise to:

  • Consult with clients on administrative best practices
  • Evaluate clients' benefits and human resources technology business processes
  • Recommend the appropriate benefits and human resources technology solutions when appropriate

With continual changes in the healthcare landscape (including the institution of wellness programs and the rise of consumerism), your employees are increasingly tasked with not only bearing a greater share of the cost of their healthcare but also in the decision making process. Our staff will help you to develop and implement decision making tools that will not only educate but allow employees to make better and informed healthcare choices throughout the plan year. Solutions include:

  • Accommodation of virtually any benefit plan
  • Self-service, online enrollment (open enrollment and family status changes)
  • Employee decision-making tools
  • Side-by-side benefit plan comparisons
  • Flexible rules-based eligibility specific to your benefit plan(s)

The Benefits Integration Group understands that HR professionals spend only a portion of their day addressing benefits-related activities. HR professionals are looking for comprehensive solutions to address not only benefits activities but also human resources activities. We deliver integrated solutions that eliminate duplicate data entry and multiple "touch points":

  • Recruiting tools
  • Employee onboarding tools
  • Performance appraisal tools
  • HR legislation & compliance library
  • Payroll processing

The Benefits Integration Group offers solutions to not only transmit data in an automated manner but also generate data analytics and reports:

  • Electronic data interfacing with benefit carriers, vendors, payroll, and HRIS systems
  • Data analytics and reporting
  • Claims billing and automated reconciliation

For more information about the Benefits Integration Group, please contact Cynthia Arendash 440-934-4102.