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Financial Planning

Our cross-disciplinary team is positioned to assist you with the many facets of financial planning, including Wealth Management, Estate Planning, Insurance Planning, and Business Succession.

Wealth Management

Our guiding principles are:

  • Asset allocation
  • Investment selection
  • On-going evaluation
  • Customized reporting
  • Regular client reviews

Our investment portfolios are customized for each client's specific needs, preferences, and time horizon. We take care to strategically implement investments after thorough due diligence has taken place.

We believe our client reviews and ongoing reporting sets our firm apart. We help bring a level of organization to your financial house with a combination of experienced staff, simple customized reports, and technology.

Estate Planning

An estate plan should help assure the future accumulation, preservation, and eventual distribution of the fruits of your lifetime of effort. It should also achieve the following goals.

  • Reduce/avoid estate tax
  • Keep together what you put together
  • Keep it in the family
  • Keep the family together
  • Be organized
  • When appropriate, use tax-free life insurance dollars to discount tax
  • Be protected from divorce, bankruptcy, lawsuits
  • Use only the right trust

A key component of our cross-disciplinary approach to financial planning includes a review of your current documents and a consideration of the landscape of available estate planning techniques. We work closely with your attorney and accountant until the estate plan is fully implemented, providing you with the confidence that a well-executed strategy is in place.

Insurance Planning

Have you considered what role life insurance could play in your financial plan? Our financial planning process will help assess the need and (if appropriate) determine the best way to structure life insurance as part of your overall financial plan.

Business Succession

Being a family business ourselves, we deliver experience and advice designed to be a valuable addition to your team of advisors. Our cross-disciplinary approach is built to complement and enhance the planning you may have already done in these areas. We can help you consider the landscape of techniques available to preserve and transfer ownership interest and/or wealth to the next generation. Our advice enables you to work with your team of advisors to implement the strategy of your choice.