• Sue Shepherd

    Sue Shepherd

    Project Manager

  • Sue Farley

    Sue Farley

    Executive Assistant

  • Karen Spiewacki

    Karen Spiewacki

    Executive Assistant

  • Denise Douglas

    Denise Douglas

    Director of Account Management

  • Courtney Briggs

    Courtney Briggs

    Account Manager

  • Rachael Smetanka

    Rachael Smetanka

    Account Manager

  • Melissa Schneider

    Melissa Schneider

    Account Manager

  • Andrew Seiler

    Andrew Seiler

    Account Manager

  • Jody Fisher

    Jody Fisher

    Implementation and Wellness Specialist

  •  Blake Schultz

    Blake Schultz

    Implementation and Wellness Specialist

  • Nora Fick

    Nora Fick

    Rating Analyst

  • Mary Schnell

    Mary Schnell

    Account Coordinator

  • Karen Seddon

    Karen Seddon

    Rating Analyst

  • Tracy Doutt

    Tracy Doutt

    Rating Analyst

  • Jennifer  Johns

    Jennifer Johns

    Data Analyst

  •  Katie McCarthy

    Katie McCarthy

    Ancillary Product Specialist

  • Claire Vincent

    Claire Vincent

    Wellness Coordinator

  • Dan Sabo

    Dan Sabo

    Rating Analyst-Underwriting

  • Debbie Bogdan

    Debbie Bogdan

    Compliance and Client Advocate Manager

  • Cindy Arendash

    Cindy Arendash

    Client Advocate and Voluntary Benefits Specialist

  • Sherry Munro

    Sherry Munro

    Client Advocate

  • Amber Slotta

    Amber Slotta

    Implementation and Wellness Specialist

  • Matt Kolenich

    Matt Kolenich

    Director of Retirement Plan Services

  • Nicole Rigsby-Cheek

    Nicole Rigsby-Cheek

    Retirement Plan Services Account Manager

  • Nina DiPalma

    Nina DiPalma

    Retirement Plan Account Manager

  • Paul Amos

    Paul Amos

    Account Executive, Director

  • Pam Vanone

    Pam Vanone

    Account Executive

  • Jason Zangmeister

    Jason Zangmeister

    Financial Services Case Manager

  • Abby Simon

    Abby Simon

    Retirement Specialist

  • Carter Hatina

    Carter Hatina

    Financial Services Assistant

  • Paul Mehltretter

    Paul Mehltretter

    Financial Services Assistant

  • Kathy Vinson

    Kathy Vinson

    Individual Health Insurance Specialist

  • Linda Fox

    Linda Fox

    Voluntary Benefits Specialist

  • Walter K. Chapman

    Walter K. Chapman

    CEO, Director

  • Philip J. Amos

    Philip J. Amos

    President of Chapman & Chapman Financial Services, Director

  • Aaron M. Marinelli

    Aaron M. Marinelli

    President of Chapman & Chapman Benefits Services, Director

  •  Mindy Rogge

    Mindy Rogge

    Vice President, Finance & Administration

  • Kristin Chapman

    Kristin Chapman

    Director of Strategic Initiatives, Director